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National Assembly

SpeakerMr. Illahi Bukhsh Soomro is the Speaker of the National Assembly of Pakistan. He was elected as the Speaker on February 16, 1997, and is doing his tasks as the Speaker since then. He was elected from the constituency NA-156, from the province of Sind.

The Speaker of the National Assembly of Pakistan is elected for a period of five years. The minimum requirment of age is Twenty five years. The elected Speaker must be an elected Member of the National Assembly so as to qualify for the post of the Speaker.

Mr. Speaker
Illahi Bukhsh Soomro9208812
P.S. to Speaker
Ahmed Hussain9204866

Other Staff
Qari Amir Shahzad (P.A. to P.S. to Speaker)/22919202250
Talib Javed Hussain (Personal Staff officer)/24399201950
Abdur Rehman (P.A. to Speaker)/24439202512

Former Presidents/Speakers

1.Muhammad Ali JinnahPresident11 Aug., 1947 to 11 Sep., 1948
2.Moulvi Tamizuddin KhanPresident14 Dec., 1948 to 24 Oct., 1954
11 June, 1962 to 19 Aug., 1963
3.Abdul Wahab KhanSpeaker12 Aug., 1955 to 7 Oct., 1958
4.A. K. M. Fazalul Quader ChoudhrySpeaker29 Nov., 1963 to 12 June, 1965
5.Abdul Jabbar KhanSpeaker12 June, 1965 to 25 March, 1969
6.Zulfikar Ali BhuttoPresident Constituent Assembly14 Apr., 1972 to 12 Apr., 1973
7.Fazal Elahi ChoudhrySpeaker15 Aug., 1972 to 7 Aug., 1973
8.Sahibzada Farooq AliSpeaker9 Aug., 1973 to 27 March, 1977
9.Malik Miraj KhalidSpeaker27 March 1977 to 5 July, 1977
3 Dec., 1988 to 4 Nov., 1990
10.Syed Fakhar ImamSpeaker22 March, 1985 to 26 May, 1986
11.Hamid Nasir ChatthaSpeaker31 May, 1986 to 3 Dec., 1988
12.Gohar Ayub KhanSpeaker4 Nov., 1990 to 17 Oct., 1993
13.Syed Yousaf Raza GillaniSpeaker17 Oct., 1993 to 16 Feb., 1997
14.Illahi Bukhsh SoomroSpeaker16 Feb., 1997 to-date

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