Legislation Wing

National Assembly of The Islamic Republic of Pakistan

Legislation wing focuses on processing Legislative work, including preparation of list of MNAs according to their party and provincial affiliations; work connected with the summoning and progation of the Assembly, allotment of days of various categories of Business and preparation and issuance of the Order of the Day; Work related to legislation, including Govenment and private Members, bills and maintenance of the Bills Register; Resolutions;Cut Motions; Amendments; and the budget (including Demands for Grants, Supplementary and excess Grants); Framing of Rules of Procedure and responding to questions arising out of the rules; Papers laid on the table of the house; information regarding the arrest and detention of Members; Matters relating to the election, bye-election, disqualification or resignation of MNAs; Preparation of journal of the daily prceedings of the House; and preparation of the summary of Business transacted in each session of the National Assembly.

The Question Branch , Motion Branch, Notice office , Reporters Cell, Editor of Debates and Translation Branch are atteched to the Legislation Wing.

The Legislation Wing is Currently Working Under the Supervision of Mr. Mohammad Rafiq (Joint Secretary).

Additional Secretary (Legislation)
P.S. to Additional Secretary
Muhammad Sabir9203984

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